Humans Collection
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The “Humans” Collection is designed with several verses of poetry from Saadi and Rumi in Persian expressing concepts related to social issues and humanity. The style of design is a combination of modern silhouette urban scenes and traditional elements such as Nastaliq Persian calligraphic script and human figures that are taken from old Persian miniatures, all conveying the intended social messages.


“All Men and women are parts of one, all share one essence, one soul.”
- Saadi Shirazi (One of the major Persian poets of the medieval period)
This piece calls for unity and solidarity. It is designed with a verse of poetry from the world-renowned poet, Saadi Shirazi. The entrance of the United Nations Hall of Nations in New York is embellished with this verse. This design sets Persian Nastaliq calligraphy against the silhouette of a cityscape.
Ancient Fossils
Bird in Heaven
Classic Calligraphy
Day & Night
Faith of Love
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Land of Love
Love's Story
Not Without You
Your Face
Tank Top
Long Sleeve
Dress & Contrast Tank
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Day & Night 1
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The Light
“Yesterday the wisest man/ holding a lit lantern in daylight/ was searching around town saying/ I am tired of/ all these beasts and brutes. I seek a true human.”
- Rumi (A 13th-century Persian poet, scholar, and Sufi mystic); Translated by Nader Khalili
This design sets bright Nastaliq Persian calligraphy and Persian miniatures against the silhouette of a cityscape.
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Day & Night 1
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