The production of silk, the finest and most delicate material in the world, begins with a single moth caterpillar and a single mulberry leaf.

To be of a “SilkMind” is to consider this an invaluable lesson in regarding life. It is to recognize and understand that the most beautiful and complex aspects of the world are composites of the most modest and minute, simplest, and sometimes roughest elements—those things we take most for granted. A poem begins with a single word, a painting with a single stroke, silk with a single caterpillar, humanity with you, with me.

It is the mission of SilkMindsTM to create wearable art that captures beautiful and moving ideas, so that you can wear your inspiration and inspire others along the way. We like to think of it as an inspiration ripple.
Our designers are world-renowned, award-winning artists who work with a variety of mediums. The production of each of our original pieces always begin with meaningful words— a verse of poetry, lines form a novel, or even a slogan. From there, our designers utilize their own artistic skills in watercolor, painting, drawing, calligraphy, digital arts, or photography to create a piece of art that best captures the spiritual and cultural essence of those words.

We hope you take the time to browse our website, and take in the art—not because we hope you will make a purchase, but because we are confident that you will be moved by the content and its visuals.
Mitra Karamloo, Co-founder, and Executive Director

Before Founding SilkMindsTM, Mitra Karamloo worked as Operations Manager and Project Controller at various start-up companies in and out of the United States, as well as Event Manager in the non-profit sector for 12 years.

Prior to that, Mitra had a decade of teaching experience, which sparked a life-long passion for education, as well as strengthened her dedication to fostering and growing community. She has channeled those interests in successfully executing events promoting education about Middle-Eastern culture and spirituality for nearly a decade now.

Mitra has completed a post-graduate program in Business Administration through U.C. Berkeley's Extension program, has a Bachelors degree in Physics and an associate degree in Electronics.

With her leadership, SilkMindsTM is able to raise cultural and spiritual awareness while offering artists a platform to make their work readily accessible to a broader audience.
Arash Shirinbab, Creative Director and Design Strategist – Co-founder

Arash Shirinbab has managed to be a successful blend of an award-winning artist, calligrapher, and designer, as well as creative director and curator for the past ten years. He has devised over three dozen workshops and has participated in over 70 exhibitions (over 10 solos) in galleries and museums around the world including the US, Spain, Italy, Poland, France, Canada, Russia, and Iran.

Arash has BA and MA degrees in industrial and product design from University of Tehran and MBA in Design Strategy from California College of the Arts. Arash weaves the world of art with entrepreneurship and is a founder and/ or
co-founder of several initiatives including “Ziya Art Center”, “Contain and Serve”, “Calligraphies in Conversation” and “Multiverse Art Gallery”.

Arash’s love for calligraphy and cultural-spiritual art motivated him to initiate SilkMindsTM and to contribute to it with his leadership, design, and vision.
Niloofar Asadi, Designer and Artist

Niloofar Asadi was born in Tehran, Iran in 1983. She is a writer and filmmaker based in San Francisco since 2016, and currently pursuing her Master of fine art program of MPT at Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

Niloofar received her degrees in graphic design, painting, and interior design, also She received several certificates in directing, scriptwriting, and acting. She has started her professional career since 2002 as an art director, graphic designer, painter, writer, and performer.

In addition, She founded “Art- Group 91” in 2012, and Started her professional career under this name ever since. “Yourk Opera”, “ Dance of Shadows” and "Friday" were her previous performances after came to the United State.